more then just telecom

who we are

We provide communication solutions to clients around the world,
driving sales and support to help your business flourish.

Our History

With over thirty years of combined experience working with various forms of communication platforms, Dextele was formed out of our frustration with over engineered and antiquated voice systems. Drawing from our extensive backgrounds in a multitude business services, we’re able to provide a simplistic, intuitive approach to modern communication.

Our Vision

We aim to provide a truly Unified Communications Platform while utilizing modern techniques and technology, ensuring efficient and intuitive design. Anticipating the future of how modern communication evolves in it’s role in business allows us to continue to develop innovative tools to increase productivity and ultimately, your bottom line.

Voice Technology - Perfected

The Facts
Average Calls A Minute
99.3 %
Network Uptime
15,000 +
Javascript Lines Written
10,000 +
Java Cups Consumed